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If you are unsure of which nightly build to download, try ohrrpgce-win-installer-wip.exe (complete installer)
or (plain .zip, missing free resources included in installer and with stable releases).

Old nightlies are archived here.

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***         We would like to be able to ASSUME that you do!          ***

This file holds important news that people who use unstable versions need to
know. It'll probably be included with stable releases (for people upgrading
from nightlies), so ignore it if you haven't used a nightly build. Entries
for old versions are archived at the bottom of the file.

The developers will occasionally update it with information about new bugs,
things that have changed in a non-compatible way, things you need to do or
not do after upgrading, and unfinished features.

For more information ask on the mailing list or the forums:
and check the buglist:

"resize slice extra", "slice extra length", "append slice extra" have been
replaced with "resize extra", "extra length", "append extra". Existing compiled
scripts in games will continue to work.

** 2021-09-13 Hr├│├░vitnir Released **

Mac 64-bit builds now also use gfx_sdl2/music_sdl2 instead of gfx_sdl/music_sdl.
Mac 64-bit gfx_sdl nightlies are no longer available; OHRRPGCE-wip-x86_64.dmg
is a gfx/music_sdl2 build.
Also, please beware that the new gamepad support in gfx_sdl2 still has some
significant bugs, especially when using multiple controllers.

The default graphics/music backends have changed to sdl2 on Windows and Linux/
Unix so keep an eye out for problems.
In particular, it's possible there'll be hiccups with Distribute Game menu
packaging not working or producing broken packages EVEN (or ESPECIALLY) if
you are using an OLD nightly build. Though currently it should work.

** 2020-05-02 Gorgonzola Released **

Evaporate and Evaporate Up dissolves were renamed to Puff and Fade Up, so
if you've used these in a script you need to replace the constants.

** 2020-01-12 Fufluns Released ***

If you changed the default palette of a spriteset in the Fufluns release
candidate (2020-01-01) it might have been saved incorrectly (it's stored in two
places and they could be inconsistent). When you enter "Draw Walkabouts", etc,
for the first time, the default palettes will be checked you'll be told if any
of them had to be fixed.

"suspend box advance" had been changed to suspend choicebox selection
controls too, but that change is now undone because it broke some games.
"suspend/resume textbox controls" and "textbox controls are suspended"
were added as aliases for "suspend/resume box advance" and "box advance is
suspended", but they are now completely distinct commands.

If you've placed an enemy target cursor position with a nightly since
19 Jan 2019 you need to fix it, because the enemy editor wasn't drawing
cursors in the actual positions as they appear in-game.

Nightlies since 2018-09-29 (SVN r10523) were affected by a **nasty bug**
that deleted some hero data if you either created a new hero (either as a
copy or blank), or were editing a game created before pre-Beelzebufo which
still contained heroes that had never been edited since. Once the problem
started it would repeatedly keep deleting the data as you used the hero

The heroes that were affected were the newly created (or never-edited)
heroes, and hero 0. (Possibly some other hero instead of 0, but that's
unlikely.)  Affected heroes would get all of the following deleted, over and
over: the battle menu, stat visibility, counterattacks, hero level checks
(in hero tags menu), and the experience curve setting. These were all
replaced with defaults. Due to a separate bug (in Etheldreme; now fixed),
the XP curve would get reset to 0.00 instead of the correct default, 0.20.

The "read/write preference bitset" functions have been replaced with
"read/write preference bit" functions, which have simpler arguments.

Fixed slices in battle being the wrong size if you created a spriteset
with a non-standard size. This changes the positioning of, at least,
targetting cursors, heroes, and attack sprites, so these might not
be positioned where you intended.

If you edited per-attack damage color overrides on this day, they will be
off-by-one. If you edited per-attack damage color overrides in any build
on or after 2018-05-16 then don't worry, your colors will be correct.

You can actually import/export full spritesets at a time again. There are
still two major remaining problems with the new spriteset browser, which
will be fixed next: it's slow in huge games, and arrow keys can be very

If you upgraded a game with a nightly from the last 13 days box border
spriteset 0 got overwritten with the default!
The new spriteset browser is still missing full-spriteset import/export.

We've switched to a new graphics file format, and new spriteset and backdrop
browsers, so once again there's a risk of serious bugs! Plus the new
spriteset browser doesn't yet support every feature of the old one.
Stick to older nightlies if you want stability!
Also, temporarily the old graphics data will not be deleted, so you might
notice your .rpg become significantly LARGER if you have heaps of backdrops.

Line slices are back. Note that you will often want to give them negative
width/height, but you shouldn't give any other slice types negative sizes,
because there are various glitches which result (which we plan to fix).

** 2017-12-03 Etheldreme Released ***

Line slices have been removed again, to allow more time to finalise them after
the release. If you're already using them, don't!

"clone slice" now puts the cloned slice before the slice it was cloned from,
rather than after.

If you set custom per-hero XP curves, since that was implemented a couple of
days ago, they have been erased and you need to re-do that.
Also, a bug (existing most of October) which broke script importing has been

** 2017-08-31 Dwimmercrafty Released ***

64 bit builds of Custom are now (hopefully) safe to use, thanks to Wendigo
completing a 12 year cleanup project!

Also notable: the old archive of nightly builds is now gone; instead
old builds are only archived once a week, with the last 10 weeks kept.

Back to doing some major work on sprite editor internals, so once again
there's a risk of serious bugs appearing. 

In other news, do not use 64-bit builds of Custom. They crash in certain menus.

Currently working on the sprite editor and in particular the loading/saving
code. There's a possibility of serious bugs as a result!

** 2016-04-04 Callipygous Released ***

If you previously used the Release/Debug mode option, reread about it. Contrary
to what the help page used to say, you should not release games in Debug mode!

The undocumented "email saved game" command has been replaced with
"send email" (which is documented), which behaves differently. So if you
used "email saved game" it will no longer work.

** 2013-04-09 Beelzebufo Released ***

Nightlies from the last two days (specifically r5584-r5595) might delete
the settings for the last menu definition. They wouldn't touch the menu
items, but would set the menu bitsets, position, etc. to defaults.

Some recent nightlies could cause corruption.
Make sure you are using a nightly build from Dec 25 or newer to avoid.
r5507-r5529 on Windows usually would not save hero data and could delete
            user interface colours or the zone maps for the last map.
r5484-r5550 deleted "Items" from hero battle menus.
r5507-r5530 newly created heroes would have completely blank battle menus

*** 2012-07-31 Alectormancy+2 Released ***
*** 2012-07-27 Alectormancy+1 Released ***
*** 2012-06-15 Alectormancy Released ***

Mac Nightly builds are up, but PLEASE DO **NOT** use them yet.
Mac-only bug 946 and bug 933 make most games unplayable, and have a risk
of data corruption. If you do test them, make certain you do backups
of your RPG files first!

You'll notice a new option, "Test Game" in Custom. You should definitely
read the help file that pops up. Please note that there are probably lots
of new bugs that occur in Game when running it like this. In addition to
all the things that won't reload because they're not implemented yet!

NPCs and heroes are now drawn using slices!, and starting today you can
actually parent other slices to them and have everything display properly.
But beware! The behaviour of NPC/hero slices are likely to change in
several ways, so it's probably best not to use them in released games.
In particular:
-Don't set an NPC/hero slice's position, set the hero/NPC position instead
-Slices parented to NPC slices will probably eventually be saved when you
 leave the map if the map is set to remember NPC state
-Similarly, slices parented to hero slices may start being saved in saved
-Current NPC/hero slices are containers with a sprite child, but the type
 may change to dedicated Hero/NPC Slices (with the same sprite child)

*** 2011-05-06 Zenzizenzic Released ***

The "Old awful" equipment elemental resistances merge formula has changed
so that the order of equipment no longer matters. However it now usually
returns different results for inputs other than combinations of 12%, 24%,
100%, 200% (where it acts backwardsly compatible). But surely this doesn't
affect you, because you weren't relying on it, right? Unless you haven't
bothered to change it yet (it's the default for existing games).

The "Fail vs. enemy type #" attack bits have been removed from the attack
editor. They haven't actually done anything since Jan 7th (revision 4087),
when they were replaced with elemental failure conditions for elements 9-16,
but we forgot to remove the old bits. So if you've used them in that time,
you'll have to re-apply your changes (to the new conditions).

Yesterday's fix could overzealously clamp hero sprite and palette settings
when you entered the hero editor. Flick through your heroes to check they're

Nightly builds of revisions 4072-4075 (check svninfo.txt) -- January 1-3 --
contained a bug that corrupted all of the data for all the heroes except the
first! This would cause the hero editor to crash. The editor should hopefully
no longer crash, and let you repair any corrupted data if you need to (please
report any problems you have). Always keep backups!

The level cap wasn't being saved in save games, now it is.

Also, note that the password format changed today; upon upgrading a passworded
game you won't be able to open it with old versions of Custom or utilities
anymore. The solution is of course to remove the password.

Also, note that gfx_directx still does not support the new scancodes, and
the fast-keypresses-missed is still unfixed.

Note that gfx_directx does not currently support the newly added scancodes;
check back in a few days!

The default graphics backend on Windows is now gfx_directx instead of gfx_sdl
so please, please report any problems -- even minor annoyances!

One of the bugs (now fixed) in the new save files wiped the gameover and
loadgame script settings when loading a save. This means if you've saved a
game, reloaded it and then saved again, your gameover and loadgame scripts will
no longer be run, permanently. To fix an existing save you will have to turn on
the "Don't save gameover/loadgame script IDs" general bitset, and then load and
resave your saved games. It normally doesn't matter if you don't turn it off

New RSAV format for savegames is now used by default. When you save it still
also save sin the old format. if you need to load from the old format for
some reason, just hold SHIFT while you load.

"trace value" requires HSpeak 3L; download a nightly HSpeak build if desired

*** 2010-02-08 Ypsiliform+2 released ***

*** 2010-01-24 Ypsiliform+1 released ***

*** 2010-01-08 Ypsiliform released ***

"reset game" no longer behaves identically to "game over" when not both the
titlescreen and load menu are disabled. Instead it always starts a new
game (without showing title or load screens)

The old "place sprite", unlike the other sprite commands, could be used on
slices as well as sprites. This is now an error, but will only affect you
when you recompile your scripts. Use "put slice" instead.

The new script error screen will now pop up for all slice scripting errors,
possibly interrupting your previously apparently-working game.

If you edited your text boxes with any build from 2974 to 2982 your text boxes
will be corrupted. The bug was fixed in revision 2983

We have just realised that (all versions of) Custom did not warn if an RPG is
in a new format that it does not fully support! If you downgrade your Custom
version, you'll get no warning if you're about to scramble some data! In
particular, games edited with recent nightlies and then with Xocolatl+2 will
suffer attack data corruption.

2009-05-14: (Backdated!)
Old command "set sprite visible" still exists but is now just an alias for
"set slice visible".